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STS: New Media is here!

  • Posted by AS

We have some great new pics from CULTUREMART 2015 by Benjamin Heller and Maria Baranova! Click here.

Meet the Cast and Crew of Culturemart

  • Posted by Paul Pinto

Rick Burkhardt (Co-Librettist) studied music composition at Harvard University, the University of Illinois, and the University of California, San Diego, where he earned his Ph.D. in 2006. His original chamber music, theater, and text pieces have been performed in over...

Two Men to Dance With!

  • Posted by Paul Peers

Rehearsals continue for CULTUREmart. Tina now dances with two men! And there'l be more.

Mata Hari rehearsals begin with a bit of Foxtrotting.

  • Posted by Paul Peers

Mata Hari rehearsals have begun in preparation of our showcase for HERE's CULTUREmart Festival in March. Here we have Tina Mitchell (Mata Hari) and Jeff Gavett (Captain Bouchardon) nimbly twirling in the foxtrot promenade.

Interview on Clocktower Radio with Pete McCabe

  • Posted by Paul Pinto


Featured Slideshow

We have seen the future and it looks bright! On June 1, HERE's FutureCity Gala ventured to the edge of tomorrow to celebrate 22 years of boundary-pushing art with a two-venue party! Photos by Carl Skutsch and Kate Hess, click here for more.

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Rob Roth presented SOUNDSTAGE OVERTURE, a sampling of sound and movement from his developing work, SOUNDSTAGE, as part of the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP). Click here for more info. 

I’m Sober. Now What?!

  • Jul 7 — Jul 8

It’s hard to get sober. Even harder to STAY sober.  I’m Sober. Now What?! is a powerful dance piece with captivating original text. Sometimes hilarious. Sometimes tragic. Always beautiful.

Highbrow/Lowbrow: Chris Tries to Review Wine Live! & The Kardashiad

  • Jul 10 — Jul 12

The box wine and Kardashian GIFs flow freely in this lowbrow attempt to address highbrow subjects through the great unifying force of the American Theater: Booze.

HERE Membership

  • Jun 1 — Aug 31

Why not pledge your allegiance to your favorite OFF-OFF place to see art and save some cash while you’re at it? Our OFF-OFFten Club is an opportunity for you culture-lovers to get your fix!

Orna-Mental State

  • Jun 25 — Aug 15

Orna-Mental State is a body of work about defining what makes someone or something beautiful. This exhibition will question beauty standards associated with the female body.

PROTOTYPE: Opera/Theatre/Now 

Co-produced with Beth Morrison Projects, PROTOTYPE is the premier global festival of daring opera-theatre and music-theatre in New York City.

The third edition of PROTOTYPE, which ran from January 8–17, was a striking celebration of opera and artists, featuring new works by Stefan Weisman/David Cote, Bora Yoon, Carmina Slovenica, Todd Almond, Ellen Reid/Amanda Jane Shank, Paola Prestini/Rinde Eckert/Julian Crouch, and Timur and the Dime Museum. Click here to learn more and join the mailing list to be the first to hear what's to come for PROTOTYPE 2016!

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