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Gorey: The Secret Lives of Edward Gorey Life Jacket Theatre Company

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About the show

Gorey centers on the enigmatic and endearing artist at different stages of his life and spans 50 years from young adulthood to shortly before his death. This bold new play is an introspective study that fuses fact and fiction using lush projections and inventive storytelling. Gorey investigates the artist’s dark imagination, his personal demons, and the heartbreaking loneliness of creative genius. The result is a compelling collection of fragmented memories that are lyrical, revealing, and often funny. Each fragment brings us one step closer to distinguishing the man from the literary myth.


Andrew Dawson*
Phil Gillen*
Aidan Sank

Director & Playwright: Travis Russ
Projection & Lighting Designer: John Narun
Puppetry Designer: Elizabeth Ostler
Sound Designer: Emma Wilk
Costume Designer: Peri Grabin
Choreographer: Katie Proulx
Stage Manager: Carl Vorwerk
Dramaturg: Anthony Dvarskas

Press Agent: Kippy Winston Media
Media & Audience Engagement: 
Isabella Zanobini

Image by Russell Warren-Fisher
Photo by Jenny Anderson
Video by Seth Blogier

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association