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Performing Objects FiveMyles

Performing Objects exhibited in the HEREart Gallery from May 11 - June 26, 2017.

About the show

The exhibition shows Meridith McNeal's large watercolor and ink paintings of famous Sicilian puppets, featuring Orlando Furioso and his companions. Andres Hoyos’ salvaged chairs are installed in a suspended choreography; each one has its individual personality through a lively decoration applied with postage stamps.


Curated by FiveMyles
Featuring work by Andres Hoyos and Meridith McNeal

Images (from L to R):
Andres Hoyos, Flying Chairs II, 36 x 26 in, postage stamps on canvas, 2014.
Meridith McNeal, Orlando Furioso, 50 x 64 in, watercolor and ink on paper, 2013.