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Stanley Stanley Stanley Stanley

Stanley played from October 26th to November 18th, 2006 in the Mainstage Theatre.

About the show

Hungry. Aching. And ready to help you get your shit together.

One performer. One camera. One screen. This project from OBIE Award winner Lisa D'Amour, her brother Todd D'Amour, and videographer Tara Webb reveals a man who is part Stanley Kowalski, part Brando, part living metaphor, and part raw appetite.

Show Press

“A deliciously thought provoking premise... Striking and original... Surprisingly analytical... Refreshingly silly.”
— The New York Times
“Arguably the most accomplished theatrical event of the Off-Broadway season... Stanley (2006) is a nonstop thrill-ride on one man’s tragic emotional rollercoaster... the show is a reminder of how wildly ambitious and successfully experimental a show can be.”
— Show Business Weekly
“D'Amour's physical prowess consumes the stage... Live camerawork focuses on the performer's nuanced portrayal of the troubled character.”
— Flavorpill