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Hyperfable is an experimental sound and movement-based performance that exists in the space between authentic human life, and the constructed, fictional hyperreality of our present-day consciousness. A myth of seduction, fakery, and obsession is told through original compositions, live instruments, a child Chorus, video, dance, and sculptural costumes.


Direction and Design by: Allie Avital Tsypin
Original Compositions by: Gabrielle Herbst
Choreography: Emmagrace Skove-Epes
Music Producer: Elias Ravin

Starring: Darien Philip Vazquez, Lauren Hoffmeier, Saara Falk, and Laura Murphy.
Dancers: Karesia Batan, Fiona Brown, Ava Kelley Grubbs, Naomi McDougall Jones, Gyrchel Moore, Jacquelyn Koehler, Emmagrace Skove-Epes
Chorus: Catharine Coats, Chloe Elaine Scharf, Alexia Nizhny, Alma Zurita McKinnon, Marina Zurita McKinnon
Choral Director: Gabrielle Herbst

Lighting Designer: Oliver Wason

Puppet Designer: Emily Rose Collins
Video Director of Photography: Zachary Sullivan