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  • Berlin final Arrest scene test

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    Joseph Silovsky

    I am at the end of my time in Berlin and I wanted to post one more video.  This is a clean but silent version of the projection mapping /tracking techniques we were using to show a scene where Sacco and Vanzetti get arrested.  They are meeting at a car mechanic's house to pick up a vehicle with a couple friends.  They ride the trolley to Brockton, their friends show up on a motorcycle.  The police has tipped off the mechanic to let them know if anyone shows up to claim.  As the men are talking, the mechanic's wife slips off to the neighbors to call the police.  When she returns, the men have decided to wait until tomorrow to come get the vehicle.  The motorcycle leaves, and Sacco and Vanzetti reboard a trolley.  They are apprehended later on the trolley by a policeman who arrests them for being "suspicious characters..."


    The video stuff we are doing is simply using photos  to projection map on pieces of cardboard (or suitcases) that will be positioned on the stage.  Then using IR lights, we track moving objects to coordinate the projections of the moving elements- the trolley, the motorcycle, the walking men.    Thw story is told from the POV of the wife of the mechanic, so she is  NOT a virtual projection, but a cutout puppet.  She is tracked as well, though, so a spotlight can be thrown on her...


    It’s pretty cool.  Deceptive.  Similiar to the paper cut out bomb, in that it looks like a children’s toy, or plaything, but it’s about a real crime with adult consequences. 

    I saw an underwater shipwreck this summer.  I thought it was going to be like looking for buried treasure, but I was actually visiting the scene of a disaster…180 deaths.

    Posted by McCabe on July 9, 2012

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