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CULTUREMART 2017: Prosperous Fools Taylor Mac

About the show

Prosperous Fools (Inspired by the Moliere play “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme”) is part III of Mac’s Dionysia Festival: four plays that deal in some way with our cultural polarization, (which will be premiered separately but, at some point, will be performed in an all-day festival mirrored after the Greek Dionysia). Set on an Opera House stage and consisting of a thirty-minute ballet at the top of Act II, the play tells the story of a gauche philanthropist as he prepares an acceptance speech. The CULTUREMART presentation will be a reading of the 2nd draft of this new play.


Dramaturge: Morgan Jenness
Stage Manager: Chanelle Larios

Composer: Taylor Mac
Choreographer: Mikéah Ernest Jennings
Intern: Elizabeth Bazile
Oligarch: Tony Torn
WS: Phillip Taratula
Superstar Humanitarian: Bianca Leigh
Dancers/Child/Stage Directions: Ashton Muniz



Saturday, March 25 @ 2pm

Student Rush (FREE w/ ID)
FREE for OFF-OFFten Club Members

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