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SubletSeries Co-op: Mammelephant (Work In Progress) Superhero Clubhouse

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About the show

A mammoth-elephant hybrid, released into the Arctic for a geoengineering experiment to prevent the worst of climate change, tries to create a future for herself in uncharted territory. Meanwhile, three generations of women traverse the ancient relationship between humans and elephants. A prismatic, time-warping exploration into the experience of otherness and the ways we change ourselves by changing nature.

This work-in-progress production is a part of SubletSeries@HERE: Co-op, HERE's curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.

1. A play with a musical spliced into it.
2. The story of three women traversing a complicated relationship with elephants, through human history and into an imagined future.
3. A musical about a mammoth-elephant hybrid created as part of an experiment to save the world.
4. A sound designer piecing together an elusive feeling in the face of climate change.
5. An old white man, knitting.
“The idea for MAMMELEPHANT came in 2017 when I read this article in The Atlantic, profiling two real-life mad scientist experiments: Pleistocene Park, a geoengineering feat that promises to prevent the Arctic permafrost from melting simply by filling the tundra with large grazing mammals, and geneticist George Church’s de-extinction work, in which he is attempting to “resurrect” the Wooly Mammoth by manipulating elephant DNA. I shared the article with Jeremy and we thought: this is so absurd and epic, it could be a musical.
We began developing the piece with some of our favorite collaborators, including biologist Sergio Botero, the multitalented Eva von Schweinitz, and the incredible singer-songwriter Treya Lam who launched her first album at Joe’s Pub last fall and has recently been selected to be part of the 2019 Joe's Pub Working Group. In the fall of 2017 we all had a residency at the Eugene O’Neill Center, and then continued tinkering at Rockefeller University and the Dragon’s Egg retreat space in Connecticut. Since then, our team has steadily grown to include many more incredible collaborators.
Mammelephant isn’t really about the experiments described in the Atlantic article, so much as what those experiments reveal about human history: our curiosity, our energy systems, our tendency to exploit otherness in the name of progress. Ultimately, Mammelephant is about family: how a group of matriarchs (both human and mammoth) change as the world contorts around them."
– Lanxing Fu, playwright


Text by Lanxing Fu
Music by Treya Lam & Serena Ebony Miller*
Sound Design and Additional Text by Eva von Schweinitz
Performed by William Cook*, Zoë Geltman, Treya Lam, Serena Ebony Miller*, Eva von Schweinitz, and Sim Yan Ying
Directed by Jeremy Pickard
Choreography by KatieRose McLaughlin
Lighting Design by Alejandro Fajardo
Stage Managed by Ciara Cornelius 
Science Dramaturgy by Sergio Botero
Voiceover by Leon Ingulsrud
Image by Lanxing Fu



February 15 @ 7 PM

February 16 @ 2 PM

Runtime: approx. 80 mins

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