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SubletSeries Co-op: The Space Between the Letters (Work In Progress) Created by Eva von Schweinitz in collaboration with the ensemble


The Space Between The Letters was developed as part of The Civilians' R&D group and produced in part at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center through the Artist-In-Residence Program. Funding has been made possible by the Puffin Foundation.

About the show

A dot of light turns into a line, into a shape, into words. Writing becomes a physical, virtuosic feat. Easels swirl in an intersectional flipchart ballet that unpacks the legal, social, and political dimensions of adult literacy in the United States. In this ensemble lecture, performers weave personal stories, handmade infographics, and histories of discrimination and disenfranchisement. After a successful run at Under the Radar Festival's Incoming!, the work-in-progress production of The Space Between the Letters returns for a short engagement at HERE.

This work-in-progress production is a part of SubletSeries@HERE: Co-op, HERE's curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.


Created by Eva von Schweinitz in collaboration with the ensemble
Featuring: Lanxing Fu, Claire Moodey, Jonelle Robinson, Paul "P-Funk" Stallings, and Chris White
Choreographer: Katie Rose McLaughlin
Set Designer: Dan Daly
Sound Designer/Composer: Jonah Rosenberg
Costume Designer: Karen Boyer
Lighting Designer: Alejandro Fajardo
Creative Coder: Sebastian Gonzalez Dixon
Easel Demon: Tyler Caffall
Developed with the help of Lindsay Hockaday, Nicolas Noreña, Reynalod Piniella & Eleni Zaharopoulos. Additional contributions by John Gasper, Gavin Price & Courtney Williams
Image: Maria Baranova



March 1 and 2 @ 7 PM

Runtime: approx. 70 mins

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