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The Last Story Theater TAS


The Last Story played from March 2-12, 2011 in the Dorothy B. Williams Theatre.

About the show

“The Last Story” by Kaća Čelan is an award-winning play honored and world premiered in Germany. It was showcased at The Tank in New York City in March 2010.

A duodrama, a war of conversations, exploding phrases filled with emotions strong like gunpowder - “A verbal therapy” with and against each other, a striking parable of the battle of the sexes develops; its intensity equals a mirror, in which the audience watches itself through the protagonists, “the last Adam and Eve”, who, like a lion and lioness, are caught in the cage called marriage.

The play illustrates the never-ending unavailing quest for paradisiacal harmony between a man and a woman. "The Last Story" is a postmodern European version of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?".


Written & Directed by Kaća Čelan

The Woman Tajna Tanović
The Man Scott Wallace

Graphic design  Mirko Ilić Corp.


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