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barrish the A.O. Movement Collective

by Sarah A.O. Rosner


About the show

the A.O. Movement Collective’s barrish unzips the personal politics of desire, power, and threat – situating a somatic research of gender and intimacy amidst a lush landscape of pillows, mattresses, and pop-culture crime scenes. The piece follows four women hard with desire – Lillie DeArmon, Leah Ives, Anna Adams Stark, and Emily Skillings – as they become characters, actors, selves, and possessed anatomies. Walking the line between tenderness and brutality, barrish reveals intimacy as both promise and threat as it collides with everyday spaces.

barrish, which previewed in May 2011 at La MaMa etc. as part of La MaMa Moves!, is the culmination of the AOMC’s two-year sustainability experiment known as the MENU project – an innovative model that re-envisions the dancemaking economy by democratizing the curatorial process and creating truly transmutable art. Using barrish as the pilot piece, the MENU project invited everyday people to declare themselves curators and become radically intimate with the AOMC’s creative process as the work was developed. Over the past year, ten individuals and four presenters partnered with the AOMC to create nine unique “curations” of barrish for various spaces, budgets, audiences, and occasions. Curators were able to choose a la carte from the AOMC's MENU containing 27 sections.

The world premiere at HERE represents the first time all 27 sections of barrish will cohere to form an evening-length whole—the AOMC’s envisioning of one possible “final product” before it disassembles again for touring and future curations.


the A.O. Movement Collective presents

Choreographed by Sarah A.O. Rosner & dancers
Performed by Lillie DeArmon, Anna Adams Stark, Leah Ives, and Emily Skillings

Score by Jonah Rosenberg
Costumes by the A.O. Movement Collective
Lighting design by Edward Rice

Photo by Sarah A.O. Rosner


$18 General | $15 Students

July 12 - 14 @ 8:30pm

July 14 @ 4:00pm

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