SHOWS: Show Listing

Current HERE shows

  • Color Games

    July 7 — September 3 | tickets FREE

    This exhibition features three artists who manipulate color to create exuberant work that stands at the intersection of dreams, memory, and diversion.

  • HERE Artist Residency Program Open Rehearsals & Workshop Showings

    July 16 — September 25 | tickets FREE

    Join us this summer on Governors Island for open rehearsals and workshops by our HERE Resident Artists.


    September 8 — November 5 | tickets FREE

    NATURE MORTE presents paintings, photography, mixed media and video that explore images of death and decay. Artists Ashley Whitt, Anita Gratzer, Josh Simmons and Robert Lucy present work both macabre and humorous that explore the complicated emotions surrounding this subject.

  • Ship of Fools

    October 12 — October 22 | tickets $35

    A collision of puppetry, movement, and live vocals with an electric political charge, Ship of Fools reflects and distorts the supposed relationship between women and madness.

  • Mata Hari

    January 5 — January 14

    A woman’s tragic existence rife with passion and betrayal takes center stage in Mata Hari. The opera-theatre piece canvasses the legendary namesake femme fatale’s final days and tormented memories of the men responsible for her life and death.

  • anatomy theater

    January 7 — January 14

    Darkly humorous, anatomy theater follows the progression of an English murderess from her confession to execution, to denouncement, and finally to dissection, including an anatomy lesson for curious onlookers.

  • Breaking the Waves

    January 6 — January 9

    Breaking the Waves tells the story of a religious woman, Bess, who’s devoted to her husband Jan, an oil rig worker. When Jan becomes paralyzed, Bess’s vows are challenged resulting in an act of divine grace.

  • Funeral Doom Spiritual

    January 13 — January 14

    Drawing on themes of apocalypse, end times, and rapture found in Negro Spirituals, this new music-theatre work exhumes legacies of racial violence while longing for the forthcoming destruction of the white supremacy world.

  • Silent Voices

    January 14 — January 15

    A multi-media stage work by the Brooklyn Youth Chorus celebrating the power of youth to inspire change and give voice to the marginalized and silenced. With commissioned music by Sahba Aminikia, Jeff Beal, Mary Kouyoumdjian, Toshi Reagon, and DJ Spooky.

SubletSeries shows

  • 2016 SubletSeries: Dance Co-Op

    August 20 —
    September 3

    Close out the summer by joining us for our 2016 SubletSeries: Dance Co-Op, featuring five works of dance theater by emerging artists.

  • '59RPM

    August 24 —
    August 27

    ‘59RPM is a dance theater whirlwind that punctures the bubble gum veneer of nostalgic American Pop madness, illuminating the violent currents beneath the lovable tunes of 1959.

  • Caught in the Spray

    August 28 —
    August 30

    Caught in the Spray is an evening of performance material by artists Dana Florin-Weiss, Hannah Verrill, and Georgia Wall. The material manifests as a sequence of methods: loops of behavior like waves.

  • Good Girl Gone Bad

    August 31 —
    September 3

    A bio-concert experience about everyone’s favorite pop star from Barbados, featuring eleven years, eight albums, twenty costume changes, two restraining orders, good guys, bad guys, more guys, and the one woman behind it all.

  • Male Continence

    September 1 —
    September 3

    Adapted from a packet published in 1872 detailing the birth control practices of the Oneida Community, Male Continence is part TED Talk and part dance theater.


    September 8 —
    September 11

    Amplified by the work of Kurt Cobain, Sylvia Plath, and Antonin Artaud, HEDDA realizes the internal struggle of Ibsen’s most renowned protagonist as she traverses a claustrophobic social world.

  • Empathitrax

    September 10 —
    October 1

    A searing, darkly funny and heart-filled story of a young couple who find the solution to their relationship woes in pill form. Side effects may vary.

  • On the Flip Side

    September 14 —
    September 17

    Funny, entertaining, and moving theatrical shorts developed from postcards we’ve received, performed in a random order decided nightly by the audience—YOU!

  • Two homeless women meet in a shelter and make a connection because of their love of poetry. But it is the only thing that bonds their understanding of each other?

  • The Dudleys! A Family Game

    October 8 —
    October 29

    Family memories are brought to life as a malfunctioning 8-bit video game. Featuring original chiptune music & video animation, The Dudleys is a story of family, regret, & the games we play to get by.

  • Collaboration: Warhol & Basquiat

    December 2 —
    December 22

    Two of the twentieth century’s Greatest Artists navigate the perilous terrain of Art and Fame as they partake in a historic art-world Collaboration.