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Current HERE shows

  • Unwritten Stories

    January 19 — March 11 | tickets FREE

    UNWRITTEN STORIES is an exhibition by three artists (Chinese-Ecuadorian, Japanese and French) brought together by their exploration of narrative. 

  • Chiflón, El Silencio Del Carbón

    February 23 — February 26 | tickets $25

    Chiflón, El Silencio del Carbón reflects a creative process of two years, during which the marionettes were also hand constructed. By not using text or dialogue the company connects with a broad public, with no cultural, social or age limit.


    March 15 — March 25 | tickets $15

    Join us this March for CULTUREMART, our annual festival for the HERE Artist Residency Program (HARP), where process becomes the focus. Beautifully produced, yet still in development, CULTUREMART provides a platform for current and former Resident Artists to blur the boundaries between dance, theatre, music, new media, puppetry, and visual art, melding these forms to support their adventurous visions.

  • CasablancaBox

    April 5 — April 29 | tickets $25-45

    CasablancaBox is an exploration into the accidental nature of great art through the lens of the classic Casablanca.

  • MOXIE!: HERE's 2017 Gala

    May 1

    It takes pluck, tenacity and a thirst to prove your mettle everyday in the arts world. At HERE we say – sign us up! We’re celebrating MOXIE with a sassy feast, an audacious auction and one shameless party at HERE’s Gala. Bring your chutzpah and let loose with us!

  • Abstract Communication

    March 16 — May 6 | tickets FREE

    Faced with multiple ways to communicate to one another, are we sending the right message? Or getting lost in translation?

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