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  • Los Angeles Women’s Shakespeare Company presents two short, hour-long, sizzling, supernatural, gender-bent Shakespeariences playing in repertory!

  • Bob believes he is a Joker Henchman from the ‘89 Batman, and no one in his PTSD therapy group can convince him otherwise.

  • And It Felt Like a Kiss

    August 20 —
    August 22

    Audiences explore their fractured online lives in this athletic dissection of contemporary intimacy. A collaboration between director + choreographer Brandon Powers and composer Visager.

  • '59RPM

    August 24 —
    August 27

    ‘59RPM is a dance theater whirlwind that punctures the bubble gum veneer of nostalgic American Pop madness, illuminating the violent currents beneath the lovable tunes of 1959.

  • Caught in the Spray

    August 28 —
    August 30

    Caught in the Spray is an evening of performance material by artists Dana Florin-Weiss, Hannah Verrill, and Georgia Wall. The material manifests as a sequence of methods: loops of behavior like waves.

  • Good Girl Gone Bad

    August 31 —
    September 3

    A bio-concert experience about everyone’s favorite pop star from Barbados, featuring eleven years, eight albums, twenty costume changes, two restraining orders, good guys, bad guys, more guys, and the one woman behind it all.

  • Male Continence

    September 1 —
    September 3

    Adapted from a packet published in 1872 detailing the birth control practices of the Oneida Community, Male Continence is part TED Talk and part dance theater.

  • Collaboration: Warhol & Basquiat

    December 2 —
    December 23

    Two of the twentieth century’s Greatest Artists navigate the perilous terrain of Art and Fame as they partake in a historic art-world Collaboration.