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  • Pyre Cantata

    September 4 —
    September 7

    A mythic, soulful, vocally pyrotechnic adaptation of Antigone, Pyre Cantana is a fiery new twist on a centuries-old myth.


    September 6 —
    September 27

    A play about girls, bath salts, bathing suits, rashes, love, and what happens in one high school locker room after everybody’s left.

  • This Lingering Life

    September 12 —
    October 4

    This Lingering Life follows the journeys of a woman with tragic hair, feudal warriors, a mother whose son was kidnapped, a blind beggar, dead lovers, a pathetic old man in love with a teenager, a boy whose father is an arrow, and other sentient beings as they seek answers to Life’s biggest questions.

  • The Powwow Highway

    October 10 —
    October 25

    When Philbert, a local misfit, is asked to travel with Buddy to rescue Buddy’s sister from jail, the unlikely pair set out on a roundabout journey from the Cheyenne Reservation in Montana to New Mexico. Powwow Highway is a funny and heartfelt story about being there for each other and finding ones faith where you least expect it.

  • Over There

    October 15 —
    October 18

    “I found you. You’re here. And I was over there. But now I’m over here. I’m here. You’re my brother. I love you.”