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  • Teatro Hugo & Ines: Short Stories

    April 21 — April 25

    Short Stories is a picturesque parade of colorful characters, in the brief moments of its existence on the scene, that try to catch those little poetic moments hidden in everyday life.

  • Bloowst windku

    April 29 — May 9

    Bloowst windku [bloom-twist-windmill-haiku] is an hour-long performance for three dancers in which sound, light, and movement are compositional equals.

  • FutureCity: HERE's 2015 Gala

    June 1

    SAVE THE DATE: 6.1.2015. Join us for a night on the edge of tomorrow featuring gastronomic delights, envelope-pushing entertainment, and an after hours bash sure to live on in posterity.

  • Beige!

    March 5 — April 25

    Beige! is a group exhibition featuring works that fall into that slightly vague description of “beige” using texture, form and process as the highlight of their work over brightness of color or contrast.

  • _3

    An Aquarium of Equations #2

    April 30 — June 20

    An Aquarium of Equations #2 is a study of tangent curve on both its visual form and its fluid motion.

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